Pontoon Raffle: Enter to Win a 2024 Avalon VLS


The Boathouse at Grand Lake is giving away a 2024 Avalon VLS pontoon to benefit the Lake Improvement Association.

Congratulations to the pontoon winner, Gary Schwieterman!


  • 2024 Avalon VLS
  • Quad Lounge
  • Pontoon
  • 21 feet long
  • 8 feet wide
  • Mercury Motor 115 hp
  • Color: Black
  • Upholstery: Sonora Graphite with Charcoal Accent


The Lake Improvement Association is a 510 c (4) organization dedicated to raising funds for Grand Lake Saint Marys improvement and research. Funds obtained through this raffle will assist the LIA in meeting this mission.

1) ELIGIBILITY Each entrant, by entering the Raffle, agrees to abide by the rules and conditions contained herein, as well as all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations, and further agrees to release SAKE Investments LC (dba The Boathouse at Grand Lake) and the LIA and its directors, officers, agents, etc. from any and all liability with respect to all aspects of the Raffle including, but not limited to, the selection process. The Raffle is open to any eligible person residing in a country or state where the raffle is not prohibited. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

2) CERTIFICATE PURCHASE The cost to purchase a single entry “ticket” for the Raffle is $100.00 (US funds only) and is not tax-deductible. Any entrant may purchase more than one ticket. An entrant can enter the Raffle by purchasing a ticket from The Boathouse at Grand Lake, the LIA, or Boardwalk Grill. Ticket payment can be made by cash, check, or money order. If an entrant’s payment is dishonored by the bank for any reason, such entrant’s ticket will be declared invalid unless full and satisfactory payment is made prior to the Raffle drawing. Completed tickets and money must be in the possession of The Boathouse at Grand Lake by 4:00pm on Saturday, May 18, 2024. Any entry tickets not returned prior to the stated deadline of May 18, 2024 may be resold the day of the Raffle drawing. All tickets will be handled and recorded on a first come, first served basis. Any tickets and payments (including payments previously dishonored) received after the closure of the Raffle will be returned to the entrant.

3) GRAND PRIZE The Grand Prize is a 2024 Avalon VLS Quad Lounger Black Pontoon. The 2024 Pontoon is an “Avalon Pontoon with a Mercury 115 hp Motor”. Options may be added at the winner’s sole expense. Pricing options will be provided by the dealership, The Boathouse at Grand Lake located in Celina, Ohio. The winner must negotiate directly with the dealership for any and all options desired. The LIA will not act as an agent on behalf of the winner with options. The Grand Prize winner must pick up the pontoon boat at The Boathouse at Grand Lake located in Celina, Ohio. The winner, at his or her sole expense, may choose to have the pontoon boat shipped to another location for final delivery. The winner is responsible for making any and all such arrangements. The LIA will not act as an agent on behalf of the winner in arranging final transportation. Timing of delivery of the pontoon boat is at the discretion of the designated boat dealership. The Grand Prize winner is responsible for all costs associated with title, registration, licensing, delivery and other applicable fees associated with their prize, as well as for all local, state, and general taxes, including, but not limited to, all luxury, special and income taxes that may be applicable.

4) WINNINGS CHANCES a MAXIMUM OF 400 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD. Each ticket represents one chance to win. You may enter as many times as you like. Chances of winning the Grand Prize depend on the number of tickets sold. If all 400 tickets are sold, the chance of winning the Grand Prize is 1 in 400.

5) DRAWING Winner will be determined by random drawing of all the eligible tickets received by the entry deadline. Winner need not be present to win. Drawing will be held at the Boathouse at Grand Lake Boat Show on May 18, 2024 at 4:00pm.

6) MODIFICATION OR CANCALLATION OF THE DRAWING The Boathouse at Grand Lake and the LIA reserves the right to cancel or modify the Raffle. If 400 tickets are not sold by 4:00pm on May 18, 2024, the Boathouse and LIA has the option to modify the Raffle by withdrawing the Grand Prize and split the remaining net proceeds (income lass expenses) 80% to the Grand Prize winner and 20% to the LIA or extend the ticket sales deadline to meet minimum number of tickets sold.

7) WINNER Winner will be notified by phone or by mail based upon the information received on the ticket. Name of the winner will be available at the Boathouse and LIA websites. Winning entrants agree to allow the Boathouse and LIA to use their photos, names, likeness and statements made by them regarding the prize for advertising or publicity purposes without compensation. The winner may be required to complete and return an affidavit of eligibility and liability releases. Failure to do so if requested or if one otherwise fails to comply with these rules and/or to make arrangements to claim his or her prize within thirty (30) days of notification will void the entry and prize.

8) AWARDING OF PRIZE More than one name may be listed on the ticket, but the first name listed shall be deemed to be the entrant. Upon notification of winning the winner will provide social security number and must be the entrant. Delivery or payment of any prize shall be made solely to the entrant. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant in a multiple party entry to allocate any such prize among the participants in a multiple party entry.

9) AUTHORITY AND CONTROL The decision of the Boathouse and LIA shall be final in all matters concerning the Raffle. The Raffle is subject to laws of the State of Ohio. Void where prohibited by law.